How to Build a Hydroponic Garden

Knowing how to build a hydroponic garden can make all the difference for a lot of individuals. Some nations are even scaling up hydroponics and aeroponics. Both of these methods of farming allow people to produce fruits and vegetables for consumption without soil, making them much more sustainable than all agricultural methods that involve soil. The people who are able to farm in this method themselves are going to have a level of independence that few modern people have.

Necessary Materials

People need to be able to assemble the necessary materials as their first step in constructing their hydroponics gardens. As a minimum, people are going to need a medium for their hydroponics gardens. The gardens need to have a surface. Some people might use specialized hydroponics planters.

However, other people can get away with using something as simple as a Styrofoam ice chest with a deep lid cover lined with a plastic heavy-duty receptacle bag. These are the most low-cost options for people to use. Individuals with few other resources at hand will be able to put together Styrofoam gardens like these. Other important pieces of equipment for a hydroponics garden like this can include Styrofoam cups, a craft knife, marking pen, and perlite.

When it comes to the actual plants, people are going to need sphagnum moss, distilled water, plant seedlings, and a plant nutrient mix. People can usually plant just about anything using hydroponics, although smaller plants will usually lend themselves to hydroponics more easily.

How to Build a Hydroponic Garden

Assembling the Hydroponics Garden

People can start by filling the bag-lined ice chest with the distilled water. They’re usually going to need about six gallons of it in total. People are going to need a series of holes on the ice chest’s cover, and this is where people are going to plant everything.

The Styrofoam cups can act as a template. People can invert them and use the marking pen in order to trace circles around the lids of the cups. Then, people can use the craft knife in order to cut out slightly smaller circles in the Styrofoam. The Styrofoam cups are ultimately going to act as the individual vessels for the plants.

The craft knife can be used to create an opening in the base of the Styrofoam cups. The opening is designed for the roots of the plants, which are eventually going to take shape. Then, the cups need to be filled with the sphagnum moss, which will then be topped off with perlite. The cups should not be overfilled, but they should be filled just below the rim.

The perlite acts as a medium for the seedlings. Once the seedlings are place in the perlite, the perlite needs to cover them fully. The lid can then be placed upside down on the ice chest. The holes of the lid were designed for the Styrofoam cups. From there, the hydroponics garden is at least in place. People will just need to maintain the plants from this point onward.

Caring For Plants in a Hydroponics Garden

The plants are going to need to be watered with the nutrient solution every day. The cups should be moist with it but they should not be soaked in any way. If that’s the case, people are going to make the cups over-saturated with the nutrient solution, and this is going to waste the solution without properly nourishing the plants.

After regular watering and treating the plants, people should start to finally see some results after around a week to ten days. The roots should start sprouting by that point. People usually don’t see this step with a lot of other plant gardening. However, since this is hydroponics farming, it is going to be that much more obvious when the seedlings of the plants start to take shape. After more watering and feeding, people should finally start to see the seedlings become saplings and finally vegetables or fruits in their own right.


There are lots of different ways to build a hydroponics garden. People should learn the methods that are going to ultimately produce the best results with minimal investments. Knowing how to build a hydroponic garden could save a family’s life one day, and it’s a valuable skill in general.

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