How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes

There are two things I can name right off that can help keep snakes out of your garden.

  • First, many people have used snake proof fencing.
  • Secondly, and the most likely to help, is to make sure that the garden stays weed free. Don’t give snakes a desirable habitat if you would rather them stay away.


How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes

Now I have never tried the snake proof fencing but there are people who have. Some say it works other say it does not. I live in a rural area and have had the experience that if weeds and grass are kept under control then you are less likely to see a snake. Snakes like weedy, damp areas for the most part. Another tip to keep the snake sightings to a minimum is to make sure you do not leave wooden boards or anything for a snake to hide under laying around. I know alot of people like having rocks in their gardens and that is fine. But snakes also like to hide under rocks if it is super hot during the day. Keep that in mind when planning your garden.

Food Source

Another thing that can deter snakes is a small food supply. Snakes eat birds, bird eggs, frogs, mice, lizards, slugs, other snakes and other animals catagorized as pests. Controlling the population of these animals should help with your snake problem. However, many people do not want to kill many of these animals. Personally I would not want to harm a frog, bird or lizard. There are other measures though. If you have bird feeders or houses move them to another part of your yard away from the garden area. As for the frogs, just try to keep from having any standing water for them to be drawn to. If you have a pond in your garden though you are most likely going to have snakes no matter what. They will be drawn to the water and the food in the water.

Another way to keep snakes out of your garden is to use some sort of snake repellent. There are several different repellents, I will cover some below.

First, we have sulfur. Now this repellent comes in a pellet form. I know that from experience because I had a family member who used it and never had a problem with snakes. I know that today there are other snake repellents with sulfur as an ingredient so I have to believe snakes really do not like it.

Second, we have mothballs. Mothballs come in the shape of a ball but you can also buy mothball flakes. Again, personal experience comes into play here. I knew someone who would throw mothballs in their storage area. It definitely kept the snakes and everything else away with the smell.

Third, is the ultrasonic sound emitters. These gadgets send out a high frequency signal that is supposed to scare snakes and other types of pests away. I have never used these and do not know of anyone who has so I cannot say if they really work or not.

Finally we have a mixture of ingredients used for a snake repellent. Hot pepper, garlic, peppermint or other strong smelling substances. Snakes tastes and smell with their tongues so coming in contact with the above mentioned substances can be very unpleasent and should deter them.

Sometimes people, who are not afraid of snakes, will actually use a snake trap. This method of removing snakes is a good thing, provided the snake is not poisonous and you are not going to just throw the trap away with the snake in it because you are afraid to touch it. For harmless snakes, like the king snake, garter snake, blue racer etc. this is a very good idea. The snakes I have just mentioned are not poisonous and are actually very helpful when it comes to controlling unwanted pests.

I hope all of the information listed above is helpful in keeping the snakes away. Everyone should be able to go out into their garden and enjoy it without fear and I know that many people have young children who don’t know the difference between a snake that is poisonous and one that is not.

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